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VI. My School

We were at home with Yllen and Yzarc, having breakfast. Rama had left early to work on a play for the little dragons. They needed her help and strength, especially her charisma.

Yllen got up and went to the garden to play, as she always did before breakfast.

Yzarc wished for me to take her to school so she could spend time with children of her age and some small dragons.

The question astonished me since I never imagined taking Yllen to school; I only pictured keeping her here until she told me what to do.

The school we had in our community was special. We had human children; it was a secret school.

On earth, it was against the law for humans to be friends with us, even in secret. Because of the accident that occurred decades ago.

When one of our brothers and a human friend were flying, they had an accident and both fell into the abyss; unfortunately, our brother was unable to save the human friend. They held him responsible for it and assumed it was done on purpose. Eldoon, our dragon friend, never fully recovered from what happened and did not understand what was actually happening. Eldoon avoided us completely; we hardly ever saw him.

Although Oebama often used his amazing eloquence to mislead people, I always secretly hoped that things would return to how they had been before. His presence was felt in several locations, and he had the intention of dividing us.

Unfortunately, some humans were hunting for Eldoon to get revenge after what happened to him.

Naturally, Oebama used that as an opportunity to distance us from humans. He gave our human friends false information, and gradually many of them lost faith in us.

They started to perceive us as a threat to the continued existence of mankind, and he started to spread rumours that we meant to conquer the country, turn people into slaves, and possibly destroy the human race.

With their weaponry, the humans were looking for us in the sky above our hiding spaces in an effort to exterminate us.

Despite human hatred against us, nature still embraced us.

Oebama was able to manipulate people’s hearts, but not nature.

Even though we passed close to them, nobody could see us because we were like invisible creatures.  Our allies, the clouds and the woodlands, always showed up to save us when we least expected it.

Despite the fact that Oebama had won the hearts of the majority of people, some had escaped and had called their dragon friends to live with us, which is how the hidden school had its start.

My school was the name given to the school. Even if it was a bit evident, the teacher who founded it always had a passion for teaching and wanted everyone to feel like they belonged there and were happy to attend.

After a lengthy chat with Yzarc, she convinced me that Yllen needed friends other than dragons. Also, it would benefit Yllen to have some basic knowledge of the outside world. I told Yzarc that this was absurd because Yllen knew everything.

But I recalled that my father had taught me the value of education, the fact that there is always more to learn, no matter how much we already know, and the fact that meeting new people often leads to the creation of lifelong relationships.

It wasn’t only about what you studied; it was also about the people you met and made friends with.

Yzarc and Rama had been my best friends since elementary school, and it was always our starting point.

As Yzarc walked away, she wished me luck. I gave Yllen her breakfast and inquired about her plan to attend school. She quickly responded by saying she didn’t and that she preferred to be at home with me and our friends.

I tried to emphasise the value of education, but Yllen was uninterested.

Every time I attempted to describe the hidden school with the humans to her, she began to act a little irritated.

I proposed taking her to the school so she could see it and then give me her thoughts.

 Yllen refused; it was the first time I had seen her so hesitant to try something new.

 I was a little surprised when Yllen finished eating and went to her room without saying anything to me.

Rama had returned from her charity work and was telling me about the small dragons and how they were creating a new entertainment centre for human children.  I only had in mind Yllen’s response.

Rama asked me what was up with Yllen, as she was silent and, in her bedroom, and I was thinking.

I told him about what Yzarc had said and Yllen’s response.

Rama burst out laughing, telling me that despite Yllen’s magnificence, she was still a child at the end of it all.

She didn’t want to go to school, which was logical given that she spent every day with me, flying between cities and playing with the older dragons.

She didn’t have a routine, which she loved, even though everything was healthy and pleasant. Yllen had to attend school. And Rama agreed with Yzarc on the matter.

My initial action was to visit the school and speak with Principal Zil. She was compassionate, and, most importantly, she had grown up around dragons.

Since Yllen was a human, or at the very least had a human body, and Zil was a human by birth, in my opinion, Zil would be a good influence on Yllen.

When I arrived at the school, I noticed the little dragons and children having fun on the playground.

Many people played basketball, and despite having an advantage, the little dragons played by the rules. When they were children, Zil always had rules for them to follow by so that no one would get hurt and they would respect one another.

The history of our ancestors, including the day of salvation, was included in the school’s curriculum.

Zil had faith in the coming of the Saviour.

During my search for Zil’s office, a small dragon asked me

Who are you?

Iznil here; who are you?

I’m Red! What are you doing here, exactly?

I’m trying to find the head Zil.

Oh! She’s over here! Follow me!

I kept walking behind Red as he started to fly down the hallways at an impressive rate of speed. And he showed me the reception.

Avil, the personal assistant, was there. He asks if they have an appointment, and Red responds with a smile after looking at me.

See you soon!
And walked away.
I said “thank you” in between stuttering.
I told Avil that although I didn’t have an appointment, I would like to speak with Zil.
Avil politely requested that I wait, and while I thought about what to say and how to focus on Yllen’s circumstances, Director Zil opened the door to her office and asked me to come in and sit.
I suddenly felt like a student again, and many wonderful memories of Yzarc and Rama returned to me. It was a remarkable time.
Zil questioned me again, this time calling me Iznil.

I apologised and told her about Yllen, how I found her, and everything that had happened in the previous months.

Zil said with a smile:

Salvation has come!

She told me she was going to the house to talk to Yllen. I thanked her, and we decided to meet at my house for dinner after school.

Red was waiting for me when I came out. Asked

Can you direct me to the exit?

Red answered, “Yes, Iznil, follow me!”

Yllen was talking to nature when I returned home. Rama was reading the newspaper when she told me that Yllen didn’t want to talk to her; she had been silent until she went to the garden and began talking to the tricolour butterflies.

I simply sigh and head over to see her. I told her that dinner would be with a guest.

Yellen remained silent.

When night fell, everything around her became odd. To put it ironically, Yllen’s stillness was audible.

Rama helped me make dinner and set the table.

The door rang suddenly, and when I opened it, Zil was standing there with a broad smile and golden hair.

I invited her in and offered her a drink. We briefly discussed our day while Rama prepared Yllen’s favourite cookies and some tea.

When I told Zil I was going to call Yllen, she told me not to, that I should start talking and wait for her.

I was willing to be a part of it all when Zil started telling me about the clubs that were going on for the students, and how the parents were supporting each event without making a fuss.

Zil even talked about dragons and humans’ strong friendships and mutual protection.

At the same time, she and the parents always talked about that day when they had to be ready and the caution they had with the infiltrators, those who served Oebama, in her somewhat broken voice.

Zil constantly lived in worry that they had someone who would have ended up in Oebama’s hands, despite the fact that the school was hidden. She appeared anxious, but she also showed confidence that they were ready for whatever was ahead.

I called Yllen when dinner was ready. I called her three times! I just could not understand what the problem was with the school, but I realised that Yllen, no matter how powerful she is, is still a small creature.

Zil went into Yllen’s bedroom and introduced herself as the school’s principal. Yllen looked at her but made no comment. I told Yllen to join us for supper when I went to see them, and as I watched Zil stare at her, it was clear that she held a lot of power. Yllen came down right away, sat down, and waited for us.

I gave Zil a friendly smile as we went into the dining room, where I served supper as Rama talked to Zil about her experiences at school, and Yllen quietly listened.

Zil had forgotten that Rama was popular at school, and they had so many things to say; she was the leader of everything. All of us followed Rama. Her tales brought back lovely memories.

During our meal, while we laughed over Rama’s stories, Yllen was completely silent. Zil turned to face her and remarked in a quiet voice:

  • It’s time to go to school, and I’ll see you tomorrow and show you around the entire building. What do you say?

When Yllen turned to face her, she started crying. Rama carried her, and I asked her what was going on; Yllen spoke to Rama in our languages, but Yllen didn’t realise Zil spoke our languages as well.

Yllen was ashamed because she was terrified to go to school; she was content with us, with the dragons, and with the freedom to explore the earth and galaxies with me.

She was aware that going to school would limit her choices, and she was actually scared of meeting new beings.

Zil approached her and reminded her of who she was and how meeting other beings would benefit her. But Yllen was terrified of being perceived as a peculiar character.

Zil confirmed that only the dragons knew her and, naturally, she was aware of her existence. Yllen would be another girl at school.

Yllen seems to have calmed down.

She apologised sincerely for her inappropriate behaviour towards me. I simply hugged her and told her that I only wanted to take her to school for her own benefit. 

We asked Zil if it was okay if she brought her favourite book to the school. Zil told her she could bring a book, but she had to write her name in it or it would be lost.

Yllen began to question Zil about the clubs, how many children and dragons there were, if there was a library, and other such things.

I got up with Rama, and we left them alone. After doing so, I felt better because I had briefly believed that I had hurt Yllen.

But Rama reminded me that Yllen had chosen me to look after her and protect her during this period of her upbringing, and that I should trust her instincts.

While I was contemplating it, Rama and I were watching Yllen and Zil.

Yllen asked Zil to read her a story before she left.

Yllen looked joyful and happy. 

Yllen was back!