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IV The Bad Boys

Yllen and I were flying through the air together. I then began reflecting on all the things that had changed because of Yllen’s arrival. The sky’s colours had transformed; those that had returned after having been lost over time and only seen by our ancestors The skies, which had been forgotten for centuries, had come back into our lives.

Whenever Yllen noticed an animal on the ground, she would wave, and the creatures would respond by making noises and bowing. The way nature responded to such a tiny person was amazing. Everyone was familiar with Yllen, the adorable little being who was always smiling.

One day, Yllen requested that I pull over in a forest that appeared to be deserted. After landing safely, the trees and flowers started to bloom, and an attractive fragrance filled the air. Those enormous flowers were not only incredibly beautiful but also alive.

The colours were peculiar; Yllen had inspired nature to be creative while also inspiring hope for the future.

We came across a very odd little house that was beautiful and interesting due to its architecture and size as we were taking in the colours and breeze of the forest.

We assumed that since smoke was coming from it, someone must have been using the fireplace or cooking.

As we approached the house, Yllen noticed a hole nearby and inquired into its groundwater out of curiosity. She had a strange fascination with wells, fountains, and other water-related objects. She had a small obsession with it.

Suddenly, Yllen asked for my help in lowering the bucket so she could bring the water up.

Unexpectedly, a young child suddenly appears from the house and shouts out, “Who’s there?” 

I started to panic, and Yllen responded. Iznil and Yllen are here; who are you?

I own the house! The youngster replied.

The boy had chilly, lifeless eyes. I couldn’t fathom the motivation behind that evil intensity.

Another boy was standing behind him, and he stepped forward with a mischievous attitude.

He looked at Yllen, he smelled Yllen, and I pushed him! I merely set him aside without using any force. He bared his teeth to me.

They both demanded that we leave their lands and threatened to take action if we persisted. They didn’t appear to be pleased with either Yllen or me.

We suddenly became aware that the skies were making noises, the trees had changed colour, everything was dark and depressing, and that rain and tornadoes were falling from the sky. Even for me, it was chilly and dark everywhere.

Yllen didn’t appear to be frightened; instead, she simply observed them and alerted them that these lands weren’t theirs.

In a voice I had never heard before, Yllen asked 

Who do you believe you are?

Maybe you didn’t realise that I own all of these lands. I own every square inch of this planet and the entire universe. I can already smell your fear, and now you’re acting disrespectful towards me.

Get out of here; you are a waste; never return!

I was surprised at the time because I had no idea Yllen owned everything.

But then again, Yllen was ultimately the owner of everything. I never realised that; all I knew was that she would be the one to save us. Besides this, the idea that we had a god or something had me perplexed because, at that time, all I had faith in was Yllen.

They strangely started to transform; their eyes were red with rage, and they suddenly pulled a sword against me. Both of the kids’ eyes turned red, and their bodies started to change as well. 

It’s not the right time for battles, Yllen told them, adding, “I’ll see them begging for their miserable lives.”

Yllen suddenly screamed!

Put down your sword, poor loser, and stop acting as if you own nothing; they both have less than a second to leave.

That you guys are breaking the law and contaminating my waters doesn’t surprise me. What do you call the fact that both of you, who lack morals, lost yourselves in the depths of evil for a tiny moment of special attention?


You have diminished the empathy I once had for you to the point where you now mean nothing to me. 

Eoj and Nivlek, leave now! 

Did Yllen know them? I asked myself 

Do you really lack imagination to invade my territory while acting like a child and trying to get us off “your land”? Ha!

You already know how it will end; even if they drain every last drop of our blood and think they have persuaded my supporters, the outcome will remain the same. 

While transforming into creatures I had never seen before, Nivlek and Eoj mocked us with their expressions. 

It was frightening, illogical, and beyond comprehension. I briefly believed I would pass away because the presence of those creatures was too evil for me. However, all I had to do was look at Yllen, a young child, and I was able to sense the enormous presence I had first encountered in my dreams on our first meeting day.

 I just had the feeling that nothing bad would happen.

 Nivlek and Eoj started rolling around on the ground while pointing at Yllen and mumbling in strange tongues. I was unable to understand anything they said, despite the fact that dragons can speak in any language or dialect.

 Yllen said to me:

 You’re not ready, and I won’t let you understand because it’s harmful. 

Nivlek and Eoj gradually disappeared; their appearances were horrifying, and it was clear that they possessed anger and a dark heart. 

The little house was still there while they both vanished.  

We entered, and the house was warm. There were also photos of a human family.

After giving me a quick look, Yllen began searching everywhere for them before spotting a shed outside. Yllen tried desperately to open the door but was unsuccessful. She gave me a knowing glance, and I immediately threw fire and pushed open the door. The family was tied up, and the mother was hurt. Yllen assisted them, and the children hugged Yllen and looked at me with fear.

The father took us to his house while carrying the woman, though, since he recognised us.

The children brought the mother some tea while she was sitting and recovering.

The father told us that he had been asked to be with us at that moment, but that he had no idea that his family would be involved.

That moment with us? I asked myself. Does he know us? That period with us? I questioned. Does he know who we are? Knowing that he would face two of the Oebama’s supporters? 

There were some things that I was unable to comprehend, so I simply paid close attention and meditated about what was happening.

Nivlek and Eoj came as children to play with my children, as the father mentioned. And suddenly, I stopped listening to my children. I looked over to where they were being restrained in the shed, and Eoj told him to sit down or both of them would die.

The mother suddenly hit Nivlek from behind as he was standing there mocking them with a smile and planning his next move. Eoj started attacking the mother at that point and didn’t stop. leaving her hurt and unconscious. 

They both overheard someone speaking abruptly outside, and it was us. 

We had arrived on time, according to the father.

Yllen was frustrated, but when she simply looked at the mother, it appeared that she communicated an universal message, and the mother began to feel better. 

Yllen always had a bag with her; she took a white stone out of it and gave it to her mother. She then expressed regret for what had happened, but the father only expressed gratitude for her presence and assured her that he was aware of who she was. He gave her a plate of food while bowing.

I was honoured when Yllen introduced me as his protector and guide. But I believe that deep down, I already knew it.

Where do you know me from? Yllen asked her father after they had finished eating and briefly discussed what had happened. 

Iruy bowed his head and shared stories about his father’s friendship with a dragon when he was a young boy. Every night before I went to sleep, my father talked to me about you because he always believed the dragon when he spoke about you.  

I asked him, What is the name of that dragon?

Yruy said; 

My father always met up in secret with Aceber, his devoted friend, to play in the woods. 

I suddenly thought of Alusru. 

Yllen turned to face me, and then she spoke to me in my dialect while her eyes were closed. Alusru will come back.

I experienced a feeling I hadn’t felt in a long time. I simply lowered my head after a tear spontaneously appeared.

Sirhc and Siul, the kids, brought their mother, Lyon.

It was odd that not even Yllen could cheer me up, but Lyon had something special. She caught my colourful face, and I suddenly remembered my best friend, Alusru, and everything was joyful. Even though our relationship at the time was very tumultuous, that touch gave me hope, and Yllen’s stare ended up giving me faith. 

When it was time to depart, the family witnessed us flying away and saying goodbye with a peculiar sound from the children. We smiled and saw that the dark night was blue and that the forest was illuminated by the stars. We could see the nearby planets when we were in the air, and occasionally it felt as if I could see other creatures on those planets; it was strange, but it wasn’t; spending time with Yllen was unique. She could see beyond what we were allowed to see. 

As Yllen screamed into the night sky, the stars came to life; everything was breathtaking.


Look! – there’s a new planet in the universe!