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I. I didn’t find you; you did

I emerged from the river and made my way through the gloomy woodlands—those forests where no one feared to go since only the dragons understood what was going on.

We were feared by many because of our massive size and enormous mouths, but we were only dragonsdragons with the ability to fly, converse in any language, and use fire when necessary. 

In the middle of the old, silent trees in the dark forest that once spoke to me when I was a

youngster, something suddenly drew my attention. 

There was this unusual being; I couldn’t recognise if it was a boy or a girl; it was just a young child. I think is a girl.

I questioned. 

— Why are you in this place little child? 
— How much of this could you get lost in?

How far could you go lost in this dense, deep jungle, filled with unknown animals and sounds that no one could understand in the sky? 

Yes, this deep jungle was in the sky.

I didn’t want to deal with the negative effects of having a small creature with me; some dragons would find it depressing. I wanted to ignore you little child and leave you in that wilderness; perhaps you might escape on your own.

But despite my strong reluctance, I rescued you as the voice from heaven commanded. 

You were a strange creature, but you were also kind of sexless and unearthly, so I was terrified of what you were and what you would do to me.

What may the unusual mark on your leg be that I noticed while you were sleeping?

But I was unable to come up with a solution, and the sky was silent, which I was unable to break.

I considered inviting you to my high spot.
— What region are you from? 
— Who are you, strange tiny thing? 
I was unable to feed you. I couldn’t think of anything to give you.

Visitors unexpectedly arrived at my house and kept a close eye on you. 

I’m still unsure of how to handle you. 

Rama, my dearest friend, suddenly began prodding you with his claws and questioning you.
— Are you an angel? 
— Are you an extraterrestrial from another planet or a human? 

Rama was unaware that I had carried you from the depths of the forest—depths no person had ever dared to explore.

But when Rama touched your mark out of curiosity, your eyes lit up, and a blue light emanated from them.

I suddenly travelled back in time to when I was a youngster and remembered the narrative that my father had never stopped telling me. 

It was at that precise instant, at the speed of light, that I came to understand who you were. 

Rama, his girlfriend Yzarc, and I recalled the story that our parents and our parents’ parents had told us, as well as the constant warnings to be ready for what was to come. 

One day, a toddler will show up on Earth, and one of us will be chosen to save the little creature, my father would say over and over again.

That celestial being will possess abilities—abilities that emanate from heaven that humans would find challenging to comprehend but which we dragons would find simple.

Nobody would be able to stop that tiny creature from saving the lost humans and reclaiming the land for all.

The day of salvation for humanity was drawing near, but not everyone would be happy, especially those who had blood on their hands; they would vanish and go to the tunnel of death, a place where you never sleep, you never die, and you are never happy. Our ancestors spent centuries writing books and books about that day.

Only those who are chosen by the celestial creature will be content and in peace.

I often pondered who would be entitled to the call. 

The creature would use the dragons as his weapon, and we would journey back in time with her.

We would seek out individuals who had pure hearts, and we would save them from the perils of the bottomless pit.

Rama and Yzarc were a little frightened, but I think it was more a fear of respect than actual danger.

They were talking about years and centuries of doctrine; but, our parents, who had already vanished into the sky, were not there to see it. 

My mind felt like it would burst from all the thoughts and memories that I had believed I had forgotten. 

— What must I do at this time? 
— How will I look after the little creature? 

The little creature moved continuously and stroked my nose while Rama briefly disappeared and returned with some leaves from the gigantic trees. Yzarc also suddenly vanished and came with fruit and water.

I was worried I would burn the young child and hurt her.

Rama and Yzarc left when it was time for sleep, saying repeatedly that they would return the next day.

The small thing fell asleep all of a sudden, so I asked her while she slept.

— What is your name? 

Unexpectedly, I fell asleep as well. In my dream, I see an approaching woman who introduces herself as “Yllen,” is totally covered in gold, and has a mark on each of her hands and legs.

I had to awaken from the dream because I was unable to tolerate her voice or presence. 

The little creature was asleep when I awoke, but I was unable to go to sleep because I was curious about Yllen.

She was waiting for me when I returned through her dream. 

The sight of Yllen, who was sitting with a glass sword and a gold shield, was too much for me, and for a moment I thought I would have to die. She was able to read my concerns and thoughts, yet all she wants is to get in touch with me in a unique way.

No, you don’t need to die. 

Although it was still challenging to be in her presence—her words broke every fibre of my being—I knew I had to stay until I had more information about what was to come.

As soon as Yllen touched my face, all of that hesitation disappeared. I let her know in a peaceful manner, but she already knew.

Until the last drop of blood leaves my body, I will continue to serve you. 

What will become of humanity, please? 

Yllen firmly told me there that all of humanity would vanish and that the earth would restart. I query 

— Is there not even one human that can endure? 

— No, Yllen answered. If nothing changes while I’m growing up here on Earth, everything will disappear.

After Yllen’s dream, my dragon’s coldness changed to sadness, my childhood flashed violently across my head, and Alusru appeared as though it had just happened. 

The boy who saved me after I fell from the skies and hurt my wing was Alusru. 

I was taken to Alusru’s bedroom, where he looked after me. Alusru and I have been friends for years, and we often meet in private in our hiding place to speak about everything. 

Although I was a clumsy dragon when I was young, Alusru never saw me in that way; instead, he always regarded me as his best dragon friend.

I found it incomprehensible that Yllen thought Alusru wasn’t good enough to survive. 

I watched Yllen sleep, wrapped her in a blanket, and I went to sleep. The following morning, Yllen was up, smiling, and watching me while she played with my wings. 

I believe she likes me since after we started talking, she asked me to take her to the high skies. With Yllen, I felt as though I could reach every planet and every star in the solar system. I brought her to heights that no one had ever dared. Just now, Yllen shouted, “Higher, higher!” She then grabbed my flesh and massaged my wings while grinning nonstop. 

Since the passing of my entire family, I had not felt this alive since being with Yllen. 

I invited Yllen to my reading room when we arrived home. My books were being read with nonstop by Yllen. Even though Yllen knew who she was, I think she was still a child who was interested in a particular book. the book that my father used to read to me before bed every night. 

Rama and Yzarc arrived with clothing for Yllen as well as additional food—human food. My pals weren’t vegetarians, but I was. They all made bows in Yllen’s direction, and she shone that blue light at me. I couldn’t figure out why. I felt unique.

Yllen went to sleep after the day was done. 

I was warned by Rama and Yzarc to exercise caution because the elder dragons still present could feel a powerful presence and knew that Yllen was amidst them. 

Humans similarly discussed a prophesy that had been predicted for ages and knew that it was about to come true. 

There was a prophet in the world, but he didn’t desire what was the best for the world; instead, he sought to alter the course of the future.  He didn’t want dragons to exist or coexist with humans.

By sowing poisonous seeds on people, that prophet kept us away from the earth. 

That prophet desired to reign, establish his own laws, and subjugate all humanity, particularly the good.

That prophet, by the name of Oedama, was aware that Yllen existed on earth.

Whatever the reason, I got tired of travelling the world, when I was young, and preaching about how awful humanity would be if that prophet one turned up.

To propagate his lies, Oedama headed to the shadowy woods, nature felt overpowered.  

However, Nature was aware of Yllen’s existence and that I had saved her.

Nature was silent, humanity was insane and terrified, and Oedama didn’t stop until he had reached every human, even my good friend Alusru. 

Alusru was terrified of me when we met again. 

That friend I met one day, had vanished after Oedama had gone to his residence and given him a lot of ideas. 

Alusru warned me that we dragons would aid the one who will disappear humanity.

She won’t wipe off humanity, I assured him; only evil will vanish.

I begged him repeatedly to have faith in me, but Alusru had another expression and another outlook. 

I didn’t see Alusru again after that day. 

Returning to my skies, Rama was preparing food while Yllen was playing with Yzarc. 

I simply replied when Yzarc asked what had occurred. 

— The end of humanity. 

— Humanity is extinct today. 

— Humanity has decided on Oedama. 

Never from us, the dragons, Yzarc screamed. 

When Yllen approached me, she touched my face. 

I suddenly travelled into the future, where Alusru was waiting for me in a forest full of unusually coloured trees. 

Alusru was contacting me when he was in a boat on a clear lake. 

— Iznil! , Iznil!

At that instant, I saw that humanity—which Oedema was cultivating through his lies—would be destroyed, and the good people would triumph—thanks to Yllen.