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4. Do not protect those who do not deserve it

Have you noticed that we as human beings protect our enemy? When we are at school, maybe we will find a person who is going to harass you, I mean; to make fun of your appearance, your grades, the way you walk, smile and so on.

One way or another, we protect that person. We don’t say anything to anyone, we keep quiet. We are afraid to speak and let the people know about them.

This is where your stalker, the abusive, the scoundrel will take advantage of you. From the protection that you are giving, your silence, your fear, your isolation and perhaps the abandonment of your family and/or friends, will give the bully power over you.

When the uncle who once wanted to touch you and you never said anything to your parents out of fear, and you still keep talking to him, or that schoolmate who hit you one day, but you kept quiet out of fear.

You have to break that pattern of protection; it is enough to let these people walk as if nothing had happened. It is time to stop protecting the one who one day made you cry and made you feel worthless. 

Do not protect the one who abused you, expose them.

Remember that you are very valuable.