• London, United Kingdom

9. 2021

This is the year in which everyone hopes to be able to leave their homes, without fear of being infected by coronavirus.

Will we be able to leave the house without covering our noses and mouths ever again? We are not sure of the exact date that we will have that simple freedom. 

Not only is coronavirus controlling every step we take, likewise our fears, our past, our shame; the lack of rights in many countries will keep so many people at home. 

2021, the year that everyone has put so much hope on, yet many continue to live as always, without freedom. Hiding, in shame, in fear, covering… not just the face, but the true self. 

Coronavirus is not the uncertainty of now, it is one more dilemma in our lives. Just as many are with mental health problems due to the lack of any social life, this is how many people have lived for decades, with mental health issues because they are hidden, because they do not show their true self.