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7. Lesbians – Peru

Lesbian women are unfortunately not free to be able to openly demonstrate and express their love for another woman to the public like any heterosexual couple, because they are in a society that does not accept their sexuality and at the same time, they have no rights under the law.

They are those women who, despite not being accepted by their families, friends, work, and society, are those who fight for their freedom to love and be accepted. They fight daily in silence. Without anyone knowing, with a secret that executes them, that can kill them.

Primitive society pushes them to be hiding, lying, pretending to be someone they are not, accepting inappropriate comments, perhaps and many times being judged on the streets if they dress differently, attacked by their families, by religion, by shame that it was imposed on them in childhood, that shame that many know, that shame of being someone that society does not accept.

Those lesbian women who follow the pattern of starting a family with a man, who stays at home, cooks, takes the children to school, and despite being unhappy, remain silent. They are those women who all they want is to find the love of their life, a woman, but society forces them to remain silent and die a few times, without true love, without being who they are and were called to be.

Many heterosexuals ask lesbians to be silent, that they make their lives behind closed doors, that they do not bother with their gestures of affection, that, despite being rejected by their families, they believe with the right to judge.

The complication of society is religion that tells you that you will go to hell, that you will not be accepted by God for being a lesbian, that you failed as a human being by being openly lesbian, but it is not true. Do not believe them.

If society stopped being so judgmental, we would see happy and united families. If society accepts a religion that does not accept everyone, what is the point of having a religion? God called to love everyone, not a group that follows patterns that society has long imposed.

It is not wrong to be a lesbian woman, what is wrong is to push someone who pretends to be someone who is not.