• London, United Kingdom

6. Looking for

I have spent many years walking long distances to find out who I am. I never understood the reason for my existence since I have always found myself lost in paths that are not mine. Despite having many options to be someone, I have always felt that they were not my alternatives, they were others or they were circumstances that arose and I flew like an autumn leaf falling anywhere on the earth, so I have lived fearful of the things that may happen in my future, given that the paths I fell on to were not mine.

After so many decades of looking for something , I found many answers in which I still work to organise them, like a difficult puzzle and the truth is, it is very complex. It is a daily strife and I feel exhausted, I need to breathe many times, because I feel I am in a maze inside myself that I cannot get out of. Could it be that there is some missing piece that I can’t find or see?

I cannot deny that during the daily struggles I have found different methods to get ahead emotionally, I have persisted in the search for my future, what I want to do. And step by step I managed to come up with many answers, one of them, the freedom to express abandonment of my path.