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5. The evil of every human being – Stress

Since my childhood, I have always had problems with stress. Fears that were inexplicable, dreams that I did not understand, discouragements that fed my daily life. I did not understand the reason and why of the stress.

At my forty years of age, I discovered that while I had many activities, I always tended to get depressed or shut myself up in my own world. And the origin was the lack of communication with the world. I have constantly been afraid to communicate my wishes or opinions for fear of being silent by others or making mistakes.

This entire situation of silence caused so much stress and lack of sleep for so many years that today it is a struggle to find the perfect hours of rest. One of the ways to be able to sleep, rest and enjoy is to communicate our desires, fears, insecurities with the right person. With those who will encourage you and help you discover what has not yet been revealed to you in your life.

Many times, we do not understand the reasons for our existence, and many of us take time, even so, we continue in the fight.