• London, United Kingdom

3. Butter and jam

On days when it was cold and the walls were damp, I was comforted by the strawberry jam that my mother made, also to the bread and butter that we bought at the bakery around the corner, in addition a super-hot tea. 

My sister and I enjoyed every minute of those cold afternoons, my mother always made us feel good with her snacks that she prepared with great detail. Her dedication to bringing us happiness was elegant, faultless and perfect. 

Our mother showed us a lot of love through her meals and taught us to see daily life with different eyes, despite the low temperature and lack of adequate clothing, she always gave us alternatives to be happy with little. 

Butter and jam made us smile, also looking for an old bread in the cabinet to eat when it was late and the bakery was closed. 

The best memories I have in my childhood are with my mother and my sister. With butter, jam, bread and hot tea in the humid Lima winter.