• London, United Kingdom

1. Pure

it is understood that love is pure,

but at what point was love defined as despotic?

accept to view daily marks

and have them as part of love

makes me a filth that is painful to explain

and makes me a broken insignificance difficult to repair,

no chance to be born again

in these difficult times

times where there is nothing else, there is no forgiveness, there is no compassion,

there is no time, time does not exist,

time died, time went away

away from everything, without being able to rescue it for a millisecond,

disappeared and never returned, will not return, no longer exists,

maybe never existed in the memory of filth

that was marked by despotic love

a sick love, that was never interpreted in the eyes of others

the others who were silent, the silence

that broke the purity of the one who was considered unclean

that heartbreaking silence that the new definition of ‘love’ granted

the silence that allowed the inexplicable marks to decipher and heal,

the impassivity that let time go and never return

and stop coexisting in hard times

that silence that ruined the definition of love and

left many victims on the streets, not knowing where to go

victims who wait for silence to express itself,

express itself in the midst of the manifestation, the manifestation that

neutralise lives and make known their voice, presence … impact

impact that has been made known by their actions

still the silence is not revealed, it hides

since it does not want to go out for fear of

being discovered and being judged by the

eternity and never to be remembered nor to be judged

pure love has completely faded

for the anxiety of the silence that has been kept secret

and there is no time to look for it

there is no repair of my person, my person has disappeared

just as the silence was absent and will not allow

reconstruction of my being, nor will I be born again

in this age, age where there is no longer forgiveness, compassion

and time.